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Abdominal distention

Abdominal distention is the swelling and tightness sensation in your stomach or intestine. You may experience tightness pain along with gas after eating, most of the common reason that comes to people’s mind right away. Is that have eaten something that their stomach didn’t agree, and then the immediate solution that they can think of is to avoid such food.

It may work for a short period of time; however it can be a symptom of other digestive problems you might have. Thus, there may be times that after having a heavy meal you may complain of stomach bloating from time to time. For some however, the viable reason in having a bloated stomach is simply because of swallowing of air. This could happen during a heavy meal when you’re eating or simple drinking a glass of water. Such thing could happen especially if you’re eating too fast, thus there are a lot of chances of you swallowing some air. Upon entering you’re your body, the swallowed gas expands when warmed up to your body’s temperature. Causing you pain when it passes through the intestines.

The simple and easy way to prevent such thing to occur is to chew your food properly and slowly. Never eat especially when you’re upset, and using a straw when drinking water helps eliminate the chances of you gulping some air.

Another known cause of such distention or bloating is not having enough hydrochloric acid which helps your body digest the food you eat, and having a low stomach acid as well. The only person who can find this out is your doctor, which may prescribe or recommend hydrochloric acid supplements that you have to take along with your meal.

Over eating can also be included as one of the reasons in having an abdominal distention, the moment that you over eat it stretches your stomach. It doesn’t have the room it needs to digest and contract its contents; smaller and frequent meal is the only solution to such problem.

Furthermore, bloating can come from the waste excreted by the unhealthy bacteria which lives in the undigested food that was lodged in your stomach. When not fully digested, your intestines become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
Therefore make it as your goal to have an effective digestive system, meaning your body must have the enzymes and nutrients as well as digestive discharges to be able to digest the food very well. Take note that if your food is fully digested there’s no more room for the harmful bacteria to live and feed on, resulting in the bacteria’s death which means you’ll not have gas in your digestive system anymore.

Remember that healthy eating plays a crucial role for you to be able to possess a good digestive system.