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Antenatal Care

After finding out that your visit to the doctor has finally bore fruit, telling you that you’re finally having your baby. Happiness and certain feeling euphoria have clouded your mind, getting too much excited on such wonderful news; knowing that in 9 month time you’ll have an additional member of your family.
Though pregnancy time would be the happiest stage in your life, it is likewise essential that you start to maintain your health in order for you to bore a healthy baby as well.

Antenatal care is the most important health care that you ought to receive from professional health workers during your pregnancy. This is necessary simply because regular checkups should be on your list in order for you to keep track of your baby’s growth and health.

The moment that you realize and curtained that you’re with a baby, you should immediately get in touch with your midwife or your doctor. Who in turn can help you and inform you of the services that you can avail during your pregnancy. So, once you’ve been offered by an antenatal care, be sure that you out rightly take advantage of such opportunity as it would be valuable for you and your baby.

There is several antenatal cares that you can avail of as it comes in different form. Regular checkup is one of the benefits that are being offered, in this way you can monitor your baby’s health. Such checkup includes testing you whether your baby is at risk of developing abnormalities or any condition while in your womb. Antenatal classes are being offered as well for couples which will show you how to take care of your baby when it’s finally born.

There are certain benefits that you and your baby can benefit from antenatal care, as it is primarily aimed in keeping you fully informed of your baby’s progress and of your pregnancy as well.

You’ll be required to take 400ug of folic acid in 12 weeks time, in which folic acid is known to reduce defects in your baby. You’ll likewise be asked to do an ultrasound scan as well as a Down syndrome test. You’ll also be counseled to create a birthing plan, jotting down any pain relief that you’ll need as well as how you want your baby to be born.
If in case you overdue from your expected date of birth, induction of labor will be decided out rightly after 41 weeks from your pregnancy date.
Furthermore, during your antenatal care you’ll be advised on some benefits that you may be entitled of as well as your maternity rights will be explained to you. This is to financially reassure you and give you counsel on continuing your work after delivering your baby.