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Menopausal Bleeding

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Menopausal Bleeding may happen after having your menopause actually happens not to every woman but to some, the reason for such occurrence can be pointed out with the fact that the woman’s vagina gets dry. Losing therefore its elasticity as the estrogen level decreases. Thus, the bleeding occurs. Though it may be common to some, there’s no reason to be worried so much about it. However, it would not do you any harm to be cautious just the same.
Most menopausal bleeding occurs due to the hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body. You may take some HRT’s or other natural supplements to help manage your body’s hormone levels. Other factor for bleeding may include your attitude and culture towards such phase in a person’s life. You may be aware that your thought processes have a great impact not just to your reaction on your menopausal stage but your state of health and well-being as a whole.
There’s no cause to be alarm as to what actually is happening to you right now, as you know such stage may come to pass in every person’s life. It is therefore crucial to be informed as to what to do when it comes to you.
Getting informed and knowing the basic facts is the best weapon or step that one can give to oneself. Though you may have heard in some cases that bleeding and other post-menopausal symptoms are quite serious, that you out rightly qualifies under such condition.
Normally, menopausal bleeding caused by endometrial cancer is known to have certain characteristics. Women who are suffering such condition, experiences a watery, blood streaked flow. With gradual increase in the proportion of blood flow in a given time, such stage may be supplemented with pain when urinating. Likewise pain in the pelvis and most especially a stingy pain during sexual intercourse.
On the other hand, it can also go with major loose of weight as well as major decrease of amount of your body fat. If you’re experiencing a rapid lose in weight it may be because of your undergoing such condition. It is a known fact that menopausal stage is a very difficult time for almost all women. Just the very thought of having to undergo such painful phases would definitely scare some women.
Furthermore, not all bleedings can be attributed to menopause stage. Bleeding may even be caused by vaginal infections; some of it may even be caused by fibroids or polyps. Therefore, your doctor might even recommend you have a test and examinations which ought to be carried out to find out the real cause of such bleeding. This can be done by your Ob-gynecologist, which is an expert when it comes to women’s healthcare.
If you are experiencing from extreme bleeding after your menopause, then the examination of your pelvic region including your vagina as well as cervix must be done. What your doctor will do is insert a small tube device into your cervix, this is to find as to what causes your bleeding. Or your doctor may even ask you to undergo a complete scan of your uterus.
However, despite of all the horrible conditions that have been mentioned above, there is some lighter side to such bleeding. If you have been as healthy as a horse during the early stages of your life, there’s nothing to fret about having to undergo such stage. Menopause bleeding is often seen or can happen even to active women as well as to those who’ve been too productive. Therefore if you think you belong in these two categories or kind of women, then you’ll just have to treat it as a part of your growing to maturity kind of thing. You’ll certainly be sure that such occurrence is just part of your menopausal cycle and it will soon pass within a few days time.
On the other hand, it would still be best if you feel something different to seek the help of your doctor. There is some menopausal bleeding which may indicate some ailments as well. As you may know bleeding is caused by hormonal imbalances in your body, and happening it need not cause some alarm or panic in you. Think and analyze it first, why did it happen and most of all seek some medical opinion.
To some women, it is caused by certain medication as well as hormonal supplements that they could have been taking. Such medications may trigger bleeding since it is one of the known side effects when undergoing such treatment. When experiencing your menopause bleeding, it is likewise advisable for you to take as much vitamins and proteins. This is to maintain your body’s system active and fit as well as your body as a whole. Being strong and keeping yourself physically healthy and fit is your best chance in making such stage of your life easier and livable. Making yourself fully prepared and well armed as it is this stage that you’ll be more sensitive and vulnerable.
Furthermore, since menopausal bleeding could be an indication of certain problems such as tumors, cancers or hemorrhages. Though you may know that this is just a passing stage of your life, it is still better for you to seek your doctor’s advice. Most importantly, never underestimate the help of living a healthy lifestyle and diet. This may be the best time for you to start changing your menu from eating raw meat and other synthetic foods to the ones that have been raised naturally and organically.
Nothing beats the natural source of vitamins and minerals that is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.