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Menopausal Period

Who says that a woman cannot have her menstruation during her menopausal stage? Have you ever heard of menopause periods as well as menopausal babies? Yes, you may have lost your regular monthly visits but time will come when you’ll have your menopause periods that is a replacement of your monthly period.
Such stage occurs when women who haven’t have her regular periods for more than a year or so. Some even have described it as the period when a woman’s ovary has stopped producing eggs. However, if a woman’s ovary has been surgically removed for some medical reasons, she then can be considered as a post menopause woman. This is simply because she doesn’t have the chance to have her menopause periods any longer since her ovary has been removed.
Menopause periods happen to most women and it will always be there until they die. But some however, experience menopause bleeding during their post menopause stage. This may be caused by their body’s hormonal imbalance or changes, or it may be caused by a cancer growing inside the uterus. Therefore a physical examination is crucial to determine the reason for such menopause periods.
On the other hand, for women who are just about to experience or enter into this new phase of life. It is essential for you to take note that when irregular menstruation periods shorter or longer, lighter or heavier happens. These are usually the very first indications that your body is approaching to a menopausal stage.
Here are several things that a woman should be aware of especially those who are nearing their menopausal stage. Remember that irregular periods are indications of perimenopause symptoms which may happen and will later lead up to your full menopausal stage.
Menopause affects your menstrual cycle, you can expect to experience crazy menopause periods which is primarily caused by the lowering of your estrogen and progesterone level. As your hormones reduce, your pituitary glands send more of such hormones which stimulate the follicles. While your body’s system is fighting off to balance such hormones your menstrual cycle is greatly affected by such struggle.
It is also during this stage that you’ll experience heavy menopause periods. Considering that estrogen and progesterone regulates the condensing of your uterus’ lining, this is known to shed each month during your menstruation. When the levels of such hormones go way out of proportion, your uterus’ lining becomes thicker than before. That eventually will lead into heavier bleeding when your lining’s sheds. Remember also that heavy menopause periods will last for six years or more before it stops.
Another thing that you need also to take into consideration is that, during such stage. You’ll be missing some periods and there will also be times that you’ll experience more frequent menopause periods.  When this occurs don’t be alarmed since it’s quite fairly common, as there have been cases where women in their menopausal stage are known to skip menopause periods for several months in a row. While there are some who have only one period in every other month.
Longer menopause periods happen to lots of women though not for everyone, some of them even find their periods reaching up to 3 weeks. Though the blood flow is quite minimal, however, there are those who end up having periods which usually lasts for just a day or two.
Watery periods are among the many symptoms that you need to be aware of, and when you have such condition. There’s no cause for worry or to be alarmed, though several symptoms have been discussed concerning menopause periods. Little information have been talked about on watery periods, though it happens quite frequently this is nothing to worry about. However, you might still consider seeking your doctor’s advice considering that there may be a chance that you could be pregnant. This is also to make sure that you’ll not have an ectopic pregnancy, however, if you’re feeling abdominal pains. Make haste and see your doctor right away.
Despite of all the worries and fears as well as doubts on how you’re going to handle such stage. There are actually known treatment for menopause periods especially the irregular ones.
Among the simplest way in normalizing your periods is by making sure that you’re taking enough Vitamin B complex, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids among your diets. All the mentioned nutrients and minerals have been known to alleviate and help neutralize the menstrual periods.
There are even recommended herbal treatments if you’re into natural remedies. Herbs such as black cohosh and chasteberry tree are the best and recommended herbs that you can try on. Better yet you can likewise consider adding natural sources of estrogen in known foods such as: soy, cherries and yams.
Irregular menstruations, especially heavy periods as well as longer periods are part of the package of menopausal stage for most women. It may be annoying as you may see it. You can still be assured that it will surely come to pass whether you like it or not. Though it may take several years, for the meantime why not try a natural way of treating those irregular periods such as the recommended herbs and natural progesterone.
Though, discouraging as it may seem. It is still imperative that you get to maintain your well-being as well as your body’s health. Being in a menopausal stage is not a bore, but it is just one of those phases in life that you need to get through. The most comforting thought however that you need always to remember is that, it doesn’t only happen to you but to everyone. And think about those who have made it through, make them as your inspiration and live your life to the fullest and enjoy it as well.