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TFD (The Filipino Diaspora) A Weblog with a Heart

I wrote this piece with a heavy heart, a heavy heart for people who are insensitive to how important it is for us, Filipino people to have a home. To be one and be united in one cause. Our country is geographically divided, in faith and in beliefs, in principles and what most of us stand for. And it is indeed rare for such kind of people to stand for one cause. and now that we have started to bind ourselves some people just couldn't face the fact that we are what we are..and it is in us.. the kind of spirit that never back down in any challenges that lies ahead. Let me scream at the top of my voice and let the voice of the entire TFD group be heard... "WE CARE AND TFD MATTERS" whether you like it or not we are here to stay and make a stand for whatever it is that lies ahead.