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VOIP: The Future of Communication

Communication before the late 20th century was just limited to telephone and cellphone, nobody ever dreamed of seeing that someday the tube that we used just to watch movies would also be used in communication. That someday it will dominate and influence half of the world’s population, and it will play a great part in every overseas contract workers lives.
One of the most innovative tools or program that the internet has provided its users is VOIP, which means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It may sound too technical but its function is similar to our ordinary phones where we use in contacting or calling our love ones. Although instead of using the phone, we use the computer instead but what makes it more unique is that aside from hearing the person’s voice on the other end of the line you’ll be able to see that same person whom you’re talking with. Isn’t it grand? If someone will let you choose which you think would you rather prefer, of course the computer. All you need is of course your computer with an internet connection, a headset with a microphone and a web camera. That’s it then you’re set to talk and meet whoever it is you want to talk with, wherever He/she may be in this part of the globe. This on the other hand is what most of us call, a “video call”. Indeed, VOIP is the most useful, conventional and innovative contribution that the internet have provided for man.
Looking at it closely, the voice over internet protocol works through various internet providers. How does this work, how come that it transmits the same voice that we have and makes the person on the other end of the recognize us? The moment that you use the net and transmit messages, the system filters it and converts your analog output into digital to make it smoother for the system of the net to process. Each process has a different language, and for the VOIP to happen, each of this data should understand or coincide or agree with each other. So that when the sound wave reaches the receiver it would be crisp and clear, transmitting the same sound that the sender produce.
Computer wizards, programmers saw this great opportunities telecommunication companies started to invest on the net. Thus, programs and software were created to answer the arising needs of increasing internet user, patronizing VOIP or video calling. Programs such as the Smart Phone, Skype, Yahoo! & MSN messenger, etc. offered free service to anyone, their services includes free international and domestic calls and Video calling as well.
Lots of businesses and companies on the other hand saw the astounding response of the people with the use of VOIP, thus prompting them to switch and use it instead. Putting into consideration the cheaper rate it offers a Landline, making their transactions a bit easier, smoother, efficient and effective. They can even monitor their own businesses staying at their homes by setting up a remote surveillance via the net, making them more mobile and flexible in the process. Not only that it save them from costing thousands and thousands of bucks they too can now transact businesses even unto the end parts of the world. Truly, VOIP is the future of today’s communication bringing all peoples of the world closer to one another.