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Enhancing Translation Quality

There will never be a perfect translation no matter how articulate and linguistically intelligent you are. No matter how accurate you may think your translation may have been, chances are you’ll still be unsure as to whether it would satisfy your targeted client or critic for that matter.
Here are some pointers on how to enhance translation quality, this may not be totally perfect but it’ll help you in certain ways get by and have an almost perfect kind of translation.
  Keep away from Rewrites. It is a known fact to translators that editing and revising is a tricky, time consuming and treacherous task. Therefore translate each phrase in conjunction to the real time from its publication.
  Make a list of treacherous words, words that may be confusable not only to you but to the client as well. Words such as who and woe, take note as well of words that can be mistyped. Legitimate words such as where and were, though both are considered to be right they still have different meanings.
  Make sure to run the spell and grammar checker before doing your editing. However, before checking for certain wrong grammars and spellings highlight the entire document. Set the language to your prospective language and be sure that the spelling and grammar checker is fully activated.
  Various languages follows different typographical and punctuation principles therefore make sure that your translation must comply with your target language procedure.
  Here’s the most crucial part of your translation, Don’t use the “Replace All” command. Once you make such a fatal mistake. Everything you have tirelessly worked for will entirely be gone.
  Always make sure that you’re precise in your translations, Precision is considered to be a great virtue. Though there are times that translators look for precision in verbs and nouns, consider as well that it lies also in adjectives and adverbs.
  Never fall into the prepositional traps as well as make sure that you check first the headers, footers, graphs and text boxes before proceeding into the main body.
  Lastly, after doing all the aforementioned steps, run your grammar and spelling checker once more. This time to make sure that you haven’t left out anything that is unnecessary in your translation.
Thus, you’ll be producing an enhanced and almost perfect and quality kind of translation.