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Holistic Nurses Provides Quality Care

Are you a licensed and registered nurse who wishes to seek certification in Holistic & Integrative Health care Practice? Then you’ll be interested to know that the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc is offering a full CE program online for nurses who want to be certified as one of the holistic nurses in the area or state.
If you are one of those kinds of nurses, you will be happy to know that after completion of 7 courses on holistic nursing you’ll be eligible to apply for and receive certification as certified Holistic and Integrative Health care practice Specialist under the AIHCPI. Such course will definitely be a burdensome to you since this is an online course offered to those who don’t have the time to really get or bring themselves into the classroom most especially if you are currently practicing your profession. You’ll indeed be thrilled to know that every course is provided in a dedicated online classroom. The entire course is designed as independent study or CE course with a one on one teacher method.
If you don’t have the time to go the institute’s main office you can still avail or enroll on the said course through their website at any time of the day.
To give you a heads up on what you should expect if you have decided to be enrolled on this online course, here are the 7 courses that you need to complete for you to be able to receive your certification.
Ÿ  Holistic Nursing: Theory and Practice I- this course offers a comprehensive introduction as well as foundational concept study of contemporary holistic nursing. You’ll begin your study with an introduction of holistic nursing concepts as well as practice theories.
Ÿ  Holistic Nursing: Theory and Practice 2- it is a continuation of the above course as all its contents are studied in a model of nursing practice and diagnosis from a holistic point of view. You’ll learn theory and practice components related to humor, laughter and exercise.
Ÿ  Holistic Nursing: Theory and Practice 3- this third course is a continuation of your study of the theory and practice applications of holistic and integrative nursing practice. This new approach as well as its content is studied in a model of nursing diagnosis as well as practice from a holistic point of view.
Ÿ   Relaxation Strategies is among the courses that you have to undergo, this course provides a complete overview of breath work, concentration as well as the physiological effects on the central system of the person. This study focuses on learning the different types of breath work, using mantra and concentration and the elicitation of the relaxation response.
Ÿ   Clinical Stress Management- likewise provides an inclusive presentation of theories, concepts and contemporary modalities in stress management.
Ÿ   The last but not the least is the Intuitive & Energy Healing- this provides you with the continued learning of spiritual principles in practicing intuitive healing as well as energy healing.
After passing all these 7 courses, you will them be issued with a certification, certifying that you were able to complete the entire course.