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The best thing about debt review is that there are individuals who will bring out your debt review and would assist you till you’re in control of your moneys. You wonder how this thing would work. First you need to do is to contact a debt review company and be willing to supply all the information and documents needed by the agent so they could sort out thing with regards to your debt and how to go through it.  Once your application for debt review has been approved, you will be provided with a professional debt counselor who will act as your negotiator to your creditors. Having a debt counselor will eventually stop some legal issues that take place, simple because of the fact that you allow your debt counselor to represent on your behalf. The debt counselor presence is an indication that you are not running away from your obligation, instead it only shows your interest to pay.
After the National debt act, debtors have now an option to deal with their creditors.  Any debtors could now apply for a debt review. The application process will take you 4-5 days to comprehensively done. Once approved, your creditor will be notified that you apply for a debt review. After the notification, a 60 working days of negotiation with the creditor until both agree then followed by an application for a court date. During the 60 days negotiation, you can consider yourself protected due to the fact your debt counselor will act on your behalf negotiating to your creditor. Now you can consider yourself lucky to be out from this sand quake soon. Of course you are not allowed to use any credit card while the process is going on. Might as well ask to surrender the credit card to your debt counselor until everything done, this procedure will surely assure you your total credit freedom.