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Lost in Shadow (Wii)

Lost in Shadow developers tries to squeeze in every drop they can for the games entire mechanics, which resulted into a good an admirable job.
What makes this game interesting is the fact that you’ll learn how to look at a familiar 3D game in a new way.  In this game your character only interacts with object’s shadows. However these shadows are quite visible not only in the background but in the foreground as well, including its nuances of how shadows stretch towards and across the landscape slowly come into effect during the game. Your character will also have a guide in the guise of a fairy which acts as your cursor throughout the game.
On the other hand, you will face enemies that were wonderfully designed. You need to always be on your guard as well since such alien designs attacks in all sorts of way. The combat mode of the game is quite simple. You just have to swing your sword which you can do by pushing the button B; however, facing your attackers requires a sticking-moving strategy to the cursor when being attacked.
Take note however that just like any games you have to watch out for the duration or longevity of your life. And you can monitor it at the upper left side of your monitor, most importantly you’ll be able to notice that as you find more and more memories your shadows becomes heavier which indicates that your health is becoming more longer and your character goes healthier. Speaking of which, another thing that you might find interesting in the game is the usage of the pointer. Once you slide it a light source automatically sheds the entire area. There are times that a meter will appear either vertical or horizontal slider. You can grab unto it and move it around; it will stretch and lean the shadows on the level you’re in. Bringing the platform closer for you to grab onto or send pillars shooting skyward while standing on top of it.
As the game progresses you’ll find it getting more complicated and difficult however, it will definitely be a worthwhile game to play with.