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Someone's Watching You

The Internet has been around for quite some time now, half of the world’s entire population use it to access information, talking to their love ones who’s on the other side of the globe, send emails or simply say a few hi and hello’s in a chat. Not knowing anything about what and how does this magnificent tube do for these things to happen.
Unknowingly every time you use your computer or laptop your IP address is seen on the other end of the line, it is distinguished as a name that shows what you are looking for on the Net. It stands as an address where through your IP number your computer’s location can be sited, and the path that you need to get to without any problems.
IP address was designed earlier for a single computer or a single device, however it hasn’t been so, considering that some private networks designed their own IP addresses. Private networks even went to the length of redesigning their system for them to allow multiple hosting from a single address; however its location lies on the appeal of the users in the network.
Your IP address is a sort of a tracker; unknowingly it can even pinpoint your exact location if it’s being used in committing a crime. In a way, authorities may be able to locate you every time that you use your computer to send any information or data to another computer or laptop. Though some may have the abilities to hack into the system to create a diversion or re-route the true location of you IP address. In a way they will still be able to track you down.
No matter how hard you’re going to try to hide your IP address, or create some fictitious account to swindle or con anyone, still the computer’s IP address will still be registered or can still be seen on the receiver’s end. So, no matter how hard it is that you’re going to try you’ll still end up in hot waters, though the net has brought countless unscrupulous mind into business good thing there’s still a away to track this kind of people down. So, make sure that when someone uses your PC or laptop that they’re not going to use it for their bad intentions or purposes or to inflict harm to other individual, as long as you know where to look you’ll find that exact person through their computer’s IP address.