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Stress It Out

Living in a fast paced and competitive world can indeed be stressful to every human being, would you still ask those who are playing such game with this question. If he or she is stressed out, knowing that it is indeed a dog eat dog world out there and if you are not fully equipped and prepared emotionally, physically and mentally. You will indeed end up banging your head at the end of the day wondering what on earth you have gotten yourself into.
This is where you need to learn about stress management that will be your aide in facing any kind of stressing situation and circumstances. If you don’t like to see or consult any kind of professional help such as psychologists, therapists or doctors for that matter, there are other ways that may help you handle such situation and that is of course through online stress management courses that are literally all over the net.
Stress is not just something that should be overlooked with since it is a normal physiological answer of your body to an intimidating environment. Its effects affect not only humans but animals as well. It can affect children, teenagers and adults. Although the stress factor may be different in dissimilar age group but its outcome is always the same.
The effect of stress to human body can be categorized into short term and long term effects irrespective of every age group. If the trigger is recurring, prolonged or unanticipated then it soon becomes pathological.
Its immediate, fleeting effects are the normal physiological response whereas the delayed, persisting effects of stress are the pathological responses.
There several factors that can be considered when it comes to short term effects such as: palpitation, cold clammy skin, chest pain, frozen shoulder, breathlessness, flushing and feeling of warmth, abdominal discomfort, dry mouth with difficulty in speaking and swallowing, discomfort in your abdomen area, aggravation of peptic ulcer, headache and neck pain as well as back ache, these are just among ten many symptoms that you might feel if you are indeed feeling stressed out. It is therefore essential that once you feel that these kinds of symptoms are manifested in you that you seek the help of health professionals.
If the symptoms that have been listed above are just for those who are suffering from short term stress, you’ll definitely be bummed if you get to know the underlying effects of the long term stress condition.
Its manifestation includes mood swings, anxiety disorder, and substance abuse, heart attack due to increased blood pressure and cholesterol level, weight loss, decreased sexual drive, irritable bowel disease, memory disturbances, sleeplessness, exacerbation of allergies including asthma.
With all such symptoms listed above it is indeed essential that you learn all the basic facts and the things that you need to know once you felt like you are stressed out. Therefore seeking help while it is still early is indeed essential to prevent it to escalate into a more complicated condition.