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Controlling Acne

 The issue pertaining to acne problems is not really new to any of us, since most of us may have experienced in since high school. Those days where we were so conscious on how we look, considering that a mere pimple would easily get us into our feet and make us scream frantically.

However, it’s different nowadays. Since there have been a sudden rise in cosmetic and derma products, Acne control have never been so easy unlike those years that has gone by.

Acne Control what are the things you need to do just to prevent or stop it from invading your skin. Here is some few suggestion that might help you take a better care of your skin.

Clean your face regularly, using a mild bathe soap twice a day as much as possible. One after you gets up from bed and in the evening right before you go to sleep. Never use soaps with harsh ingredients as it may cause your skin to dry.
And if you’re fond of wearing a make-up, gently wash it away with mild soap and lukewarm water. If ever you intend to use an astringent, make sure that it will not cause rashes or harm to your skin as well, it would be best if you ask your dermatologist first.

Wash your hair regularly especially if you have an oily hair. Then if you’re that brave enough you can squeeze your pimples as this can cause acne scars later on.
Avoid too much exposure under the heat of the sun; however there are lots of acne treatments that are readily available in the market. Though there are people who believe that the sun can actually help in getting rid of acne due to sun burn, the problem with it is that too much heat from the sun will turn your skin dry and may cause skin cancer as well. Making you a bit older than your age, so if ever you’re planning to go out and be exposed on the scourging heat of the sun. It would be best if you wear a sunscreen which has at least SPF 15 on it.

Buy and use make-up products that are non-acne genic, such products were designed not to cause acne to grow in your face. You can also use oil free make-up products to avoid accumulation of too much dirt.

It is also advisable for you not to use backpacks and other sports equipments that will be rubbing your skin which would irritate and can cause acne as well.
Make it a point likewise to constantly consult your doctor if there’s something wrong with your skin, rashes and skin diseases which may start in a small acne or rash.