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Lightweight desktop computing

By: The Light
Posted on December 12, 2011

I have been using Ubuntu Linux for 5 years now and it works wonderfully on my ASUS X51R notebook computer. It works wonderfully and I am perfectly satisfied with it until the last few weeks. I have saved some favorite anime series that I and my son like to watch very much. Later on, we thought it a good idea to share this my wife but to make it convenient for her, we thought of putting them altogether on DVD for her to watch any time she finds it convenient.

So I installed Avidemux and DeVeDe. My existing desktop environment was terribly slow when rendering. Rendering means the process it converts all the video files into a format for DVD. I had to leave the computer on overnight. I cannot upgrade the CPU and RAM in the near future so the only choice I have is to squeeze every bit of resources on the computer as much as possible.