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Keep Your Kids Safe

Hiring to watch over your children is quite common nowadays. Especially if parents live in such a hectic schedule and have a very demanding kind of job. This is where hired babysitters come to play. However, the doting question would be are your kids safe with sitter?
As parents it is your responsibility not to put your children in harm’s way. No matter how important other things for might be, your children’s safety must always come in first place.

Nowadays, with news and happening that we most often heard and watch on television about certain abusive sitters and nannies. It is not bad for parents to think of a way in making sure that their children are indeed safe with the sitter.
This is being done by setting up or installing nanny camera or hidden camera in the most important part of the house.
For some this may be a bit insulting and distrusting, however as parents it is also indeed your right to make sure that your hired sitter is taking care of your kids as you expect them to do.

However, before installing one within your house you should think about your ethical and moral obligations to your babysitter. Though it may be legal but it does not really make it a good idea.  Therefore it would be better if you’ll not tell the sitter about it, because in the first place your purpose is to keep watch and somehow monitor what is your sitter doing when it’s just her and your kids in the house.

This should be the real intention once you’ve decided to install one. To monitor the person you’re paying to keep watch over your house, pets or children. If you have certain doubts that your sitter is abusing your kids or your pets or doing something illegal inside your home. This is definitely the right tool to find out.
In this way, your hidden camera will somehow give you a feeling of security knowing that in a way you’ll still be able to know as to what is really happening when you’re left your kids with their babysitter.

On the other hand, once your sitter found out that you’ve installed a hidden camera to spy on her. Be sure to have a well laid explanation. Knowing that whether you like it or not it will hurt the feelings of the sitter who is literally doing her part and her best. Mistrusting them would definitely give them a hurt feeling.

However, it would still be best if you let her know that there’s a camera monitoring all the activities in the house. In this way you’ll be able to get the side of the sitter whether it would be fine with her or not. Since there are those who don’t like to work with cameras watching over them, there are certainly some who will appreciate such honesty.