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This May Save A Life

 I received a letter from one of my new found friends, one of the Christian writers who provide the site I am currently on the processing of developing. The blog site is called and I found a site that Richard L. Provencher was writing. I got interested on how he writ poems and articles so I send him an email asking his permission to re-post his poems and articles on my blog site. He willingly granted my wishes and from there he regularly send me some emails, which is one of them greatly touched me and awaken some awareness in me.
The email is some kind of a chain letter, although its content was not religious in nature. It occurred to me that it is one of the most helpful and informative kind of information that I feel oblige to share with.
The fact that I have been given the chance to learn something as important as this, So, I decided to share it to a whole bunch of people. Oh! Just the readers of Triond and my blog sites, that’s all. At least through this article you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about something that may save or help save a life someday.
Did you know that it has been discovered that Blood Clots or Strokes has now a fourth indicator?
What is it? Just read a long and you will soon find it out.
First things first, you need to know that for you to detect if someone is already having a stroke (mild or not it is still a stroke). There are just three letters that you need to know and that is “S, T and R”. That’s just it and if you memorize these three letters this may help you save a life someday.
How do you recognize a stroke? It may be true that Strokes are hard to identify, and what makes it worse is that the lack of awareness of people that surrounds the victims makes it more rather complicated. Remember that once it hits a person, he or she may suffer severe brain damage. Although some may be able to recover from it there are those who eventually succumb to it resulting to their sudden demise.
Doctors believe that a bystander can actually recognize a stroke by asking three very simple questions using now the three letters “S, T and R”.
So, if you happen to be around and a certain person sudden fainted right next to you, just don’t panic. After, being rejuvenated try asking this questions to the person, by using the three letters.
Start with “S”. Ask the person to SMILE.
Then ask him or her again to TALK or speak a simple sentence (this is to find out if he or she can speak coherently) (You can ask her or him to say this sentence, It is warm today.)
Then, you can ask him or her to RAISE both of his or her arms.
and if you find out that he or she is having a hard time doing all these simple tasks. Then, indeed she or he just had a stroke. It would be best to call for an ambulance right away.
Remember all these things must be done in a fast pace, this is to determine as to what is really happening with the person. So that you’ll be able to relay the incident to the dispatcher and give the entire details of the incident.
But WAIT! It’s not over yet. You thought I have forgotten about the Fourth indicator did you?
So, what is the fourth indicator? It’s the TONGUE.
If you are not quite sure if the person has had a blood clot or a stroke, you can ask him or her to stick out the TONGUE. And if you find out that the tongue is “CROOKED”, if it goes to the one side or the other the person indeed is having a stroke.
So now that you know, let’s just hope that these 4 simple tips may help you save your life if you are currently on a situation that is prone to such condition. Or this may help you help your love ones in keeping an eye on this one treacherous condition and may help save your love one’s life as well.