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War: What It Do to Kids

 War will always be war and will claim thousands of lives whether we like it or not, no matter what every leader of warring nations would try to prevent casualties most especially the lives of innocent children.
As a result of conflict, thousands of civilian lives are at stake either killed or injured. The days of chivalry and of nobility have long been gone, where the lives of women and children are most treasured or revered.
The First and second World Wars was a breaking point when civilian losses were as abundant as the combatants. Currently, in almost all present wars, civilians are the greater part of fatalities, with children distresses excessively.
A child is mainly helpless to the destruction of war. It’s ironic that we take care of  bullet and shrapnel injuries, give prosthesis for mine victims, shelter the victims and refugees of current conflicts, but how do we cope  the children in providing those most exposed and least incapable to survive with the nutritional, ecological, emotional and mental effects of war?
No matter who, what and how a conflict did started, doesn’t matter much to the children anymore once the killing has begun.
Increasingly, certain government agencies of countries involved often finds itself strained as it tries to deal with not only the emergency effects of conflict, but the increasing safety terms that are a must if our children; the youngest and most defenseless members of society are to be secluded and given hope for a decent future.
In today’s world where war is almost the last resort of every conflicting countries, it is likely to be seen that people has no regards anymore of the lives of these countless innocent children. They are mostly considered as the price in every war, or a casualty that needed to be sacrificed just so that interests will be achieved just for the sake of gaining victory over its opposing country.
The minds of these young and innocent children have been often corrupted and used by vultures that are hungry of power, which greed’s for supremacy and would rather see these children be butchered just for the sake of their own benefits.
It is not anymore a question of what will the effects of war to these children might be, but what it will turn them out to be. Growing up in violence and hatred, where war becomes an excuse to murder a person, what will these children become in the end is rarely the fruit of conflict which will become a part of them in the end.