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USENET and Motorcycles

By Marion Marshall
If you like getting out on the road on two wheels, you'll find that USENET has plenty of newsgroups that will likely interest you. Most of the newsgroups for motorcycles will be found under the rec hierarchy. Even though you might use your motorcycle as a daily commuter, on USENET they are considered recreational subject matter.

Finding the Groups

There are quite a few different regional USENET groups for discussing motorcycles. You'll find ones for specific states, such as, which is a newsgroup specifically for USENET users in Texas who enjoy riding motorcycles. You'll also find newsgroups for particular countries, such as one for Canadian riders. Joining a newsgroup that applies to your region is one of the easiest ways to make connections with people you might actually be able to get out and ride with. If you're just interested in regular information, however, you can get quite a bit of it and in very specialized ways.

People who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles generally aren't interested in other types of motorcycles in any regard. They're apparently not even interested in newsgroups related to things that aren't Harley-Davidsons that some people have the temerity to call motorcycles. Such dedicated riders can go to If you don't know whether or not you're driving a panhead, a shovelhead or a knucklehead, somebody will probably give you a pretty straightforward answer in this newsgroup. If you like the sleek lines and insanely fast speeds of Japanese racing bikes, you'll find newsgroups for those types of motorcycles, as well. If you head over to, you'll find plenty of people discussing what bikes are the fastest and how they did in their latest races.

USENET and the motorcycle community, though it wouldn't seem like it on the face of it, have quite a bit in common. For one thing, people tend to be pretty willing to share information with one another when they find that somebody belongs to either of these relatively exclusive groups. USENET is very popular, but it's not the most common way that people have discussions over computer networks. Motorcycles, of course, are popular as well but not everybody is cut out to ride on two wheels. Hop onto a newsgroup and you probably won't take very long to find people who might want to go out riding with you or, at least, to find people in your local region you can network with online and off.

If you ride a particular type of bike exclusively, make sure you check the USENET newsgroups to see if there are groups that are more appropriate than others are. For example, you can look for newsgroups for riders of Royal Enfield motorcycles, riders of Indian motorcycles and so forth. This way, you not only get information about the motorcycle that you ride, you also managed to network with people who share a passion for the same design and brand name that you do. And at the root of it, USENET is all about sharing information and being part of the community and these newsgroups go a long way toward helping you do both.

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Article Source:  USENET and Motorcycles