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E-mail marketing: A Force to Reckon With

Electronic mail or e-mails, it swept the entire world when it started its operation. Just think about it, it’ll only take a fraction of a minute to reach whoever it is you’re writing to. Just like the story of the hare and the tortoise, the snail mail method was left behind by its users. Shifting to a more advanced, convenient and efficient way of writing and sending mails, E-mail.

Receiving information has never been so fast and efficient just like the way e-mailing works, all you need is an e-mail address that will enable you to receive letters and communication from your love ones. Thus, making this tool the most popular and widely used all over the world, making separated love ones closer with each other through sending electronic mails.
Since its operation, people utilized the use of e-mail and eventually business corporations and institution saw its effectiveness and decided to use it as well. Knowing that’ll boost their profits and lessen their expenditures through the utilization of e-mail, meaning instead of paying expensive fees or post stamps to send documents or pertinent papers. All they have to do is fax it or send it via e-mail, as much as they use it in their business communications they finally thought of using it to market their products and services.
This certainly is not a bad idea, since it’ll save them lots of money in spending for advertising. Marketers use it for their advantage, the lesser the expenses the wider range of clients can be reached. This came to know as E-mail Marketing, it is a way they use to advertise the services their company offers. They literally flood their clients and prospective customers with unwanted e-mails making them agitated and irritated.
It’s not bad to advertise or market your company’s products; unfortunately because of the way some companies do it became unethical and repulsive for the part of the general public. This kind of act that they made is called “Spamming”, these unwanted letters that contains ads from companies that you may even never heard of. The point we are trying to drive at is that nobody is preventing these companies to send e-mails to their prospects, but at least they should have the decency to at least let the person know that they’re going to send letters about their companies. So that in turn, the recipient will not be annoyed to suddenly see bunch of le-mails at their inboxes.
What makes a person more mad if these e-mails contains viruses that when you open it, it automatically affects and shut down the entire system of the computer.
Lots of efforts have been made by the e-mail providers to prevent these spams from entering your computer’s system; they’ve created programs that’ll protect your computer from this harmful malwares.
E-mail marketing therefore must not be used to harm or annoy people but rather be used as a friendly and an effective tool for communication.