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One and Unique: Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala was once a colony of Spain and was is considered in Central America as the its capital. It's considered later on as one of the World Heritage Area, and became the most recognized tourist destination in Guatemala.
Known simply as Antigua (or La Antigua), its street is filled with rectangular grid which isassociated with the compass. Prague Central as its point of origin. It is important for any visitor to at least memorize the most important landmark within the area. This is to make their stay more pleasant and enjoyable as well.Therefore it is essential to memorize that calles 4a and 5a are located at Prague central which is likewise situated at the northern and southern side  the place.  While 5a and 4a avenidas are situated on the East and the West side of Antigua respectively. Prague Central therefore is the point of reference for the east and West as well as the Northern and Southern part  of the street address.
Once you understood and learn the right way to the north of prague central, you will definitely find the rest of the places within the City.
Antigua is located 30 miles west of the city of Guatemala, which is just 45-60 minutes ride from the airport of La Aurora. Here you can take a Q8 bus which is a reused old school bus to the city proper itself. However, if you prefer to travel with safety and comfort you can avail of the service of a cab company and arrange your transportation via a transport firm.
There are regular transport vehicles that travels striaght towards the and from the Airport costing around Q80, then leaves regularly the whole day down to 8 PM. You can opt to ride the chicken bus as well which is just a couple of minutes hike to a certain bus stop outside the Airport's parking lot
If you intend to travel to the Honduras, you can take a shuttle bus which directly plies from Copan.Such bus departs 2 times every day at 5:30 AM and at noon . A  tourist vehicle on the other hand can be good for you however it will cost you about Q250-350 a ride. This is much worth every penny since you can be sure that you'll be safe during the entirety of the journey. Take not as well that there is no flights or trains heading towards this town.

Upon arriving in Antigua most of its tourist spots are in a block measured area which is less than a kilometer across. Therefore you just walk and be there wherever you wish to be without consuming much time. If you wish to get to Guatemala City, just ask for the key itinerary of the local bus which is known as the Chicken bus. Since they pass and picks up passengers at every corner of the place.

Taxi and tuk-tuk can take to any destination you wish to go and have a tour in the City itself it'll cost yoou Q10  more or less. You can even negotiate the price in advance with the driver just to make sure that you get a better deal.
Once there, enjoy and spend your vacation exploring such beautiful and amazing place and put it on your list as one of the best places to be during vacations. That is Antigua Guatemala.