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Dubrovnik: Be a Part of History

Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the oldest Cities located on the Sea coast of Adriatic  on the farthest end of  Croatia. Likewise considered to be a popular tourists' destinations and resort hotels in the Mediterranean.  It has a pier and known to be  the center of Dubrovnik-Nerevta County. During 2009 ts entire population reached to 47,000, it was dubbed as "the Adriatic Pearl and likewise had been recognized  as one of  UNESCO's World Heritage spot in 1979. It is essential for every visitor to understand as well as know even just a part of Dubrovnik history. It was founded on Maritime trade and during  Middle Ages it was known to be the only City in the Adriatic rivaling Venice. Supported by it abundant wealth and skill in diplomacy, during the 15th and 16th century  it achieved a fascinating stage of prosperity. To this day, Dubrovnik is the among the proudest feather to speak in Croatia's tourist capital, the cream of the crop destination and dubbed as of of the magnificent towns in Mediterranean.
Dubrovnik can be reached through all sort of transportation. Any tourist who wish to visit such magnanimous City in Croatia just need to take one of the many available mode of transportation.  The city can be reached by plane, train, by car, by bus and even by a boat.

Though it is known to be over-crowded, the City can be accessed and small enough to stroll around by foot. Just try to be careful since some of its pavements are quite a bit steep. Now, if you don't like to be strolling, you can tour the entire city through a bus or by hiring a car rental and  a taxi to be sure that you'll be able to reach the place that you wish to see.
There are lots of places that you visit in Dubrovnik. Places such as: Roland's Column, Bell Tower, Sponza Palace, Rector's Palace, War Photo Limited, Pile gate, Placa Stradun, Big Onofrio's Fountain, Old Port, Fort Lovrijenac, the Acquarium and Visia Dubrovnik 5D Theatrum History and Culture. All of such historical places and structures can be found in the Old town of Dubrovnik.

Your tour will never be complete if you haven't visited the old churches which are architecturally designed as well as artistically well constrcurted. Churches such as: The Franciscan Monastery, Cathedral of the Asumption of the Virgin Mary, The Baroque Church, Dominican Monastery, St. Sebastian Church, Serbian Orthodox Church and Museum of Icons. However, if you prefer to visit its countless museums such as: The Bukovac House, Dubrovnik Natural History Museum, Franciscan Monastery Museum, The Sigurata Convent Museum, Synagogue and Jewish Museum, Dominican Monastery Museum and a lot more that you may finds interesting to explore in.

Dubrovnik has a rich culture and History as well as lots of places for you to see and to enjoy. Visit Dubrovnik and be a apart of such heritage and discover by yourself as to why it has become one of the World Heritage.