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Januvia for Diabetes

Januvia Is a kind of medicine that is used to treat type 2 diabetes, it is made of tablet form, so you have to take it orally once a day with 100 milligrams per tablet, but it will depend on renal function the dosage may adjust. Januvia helps slower the insulin production that cause the breakdown of protein that stimulates the cells and responsible to produce insulin after meal.

It is responsible to lower the blood sugar levels especially for adults who have type 2 diabetics. It is responsible to increase insulin production level depending on daily meal bases and types of food you eat and it will decrease the sugar level that our liver produces.
The possible result when you take this medicine is not really to lower your blood sugar (hypoglycemia) instead the sugar in our body will become too high or too low. In general, the effect of Januvia focuses on your sugar level productions.

Before taking this medicine, ensure first for the safe treatment by asking your healthcare or doctor to review it before you start taking this medication. Let your health care know the condition of your body and health, let them know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding ( Januvia will passed in the milk during lactating) , allergies, having a pancreatitis and or any kidney related problems.

There are possible side effects when taking Januvia as like with any medicine, but not everyone can experience the side effect. In most cases Januvia side effect occurs in minor form of illness like headache, diarrhea and stomach discomfort, stuffy nose and sore throat. These side effects can be easily treated by yourself of by your health care.

This medicine is used only if it has prescribed by your doctor, do not share it to other who do not have prescription or permission from their  healthcare or it can enhance negative side  effect to their body.