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Kariva ( Desogestrel/ethinyl estradiol)

Kariva ( Desogestrel/ethinyl estradiol) commonly known as birth control pills, or Mircette its generic version.
It is used for pregnancy prevention because of its contents, the combination of female hormones. It is a form of pill that works and responsible for stopping the ovulation (the release of mature eggs from ovarian follicle), Kariva is responsible of changing the uterus lining to prevent the attachment of fertilized egg and its altering your cervical mucus once you are using it. Not only that, Kariva also used to treat Acne, PMDD and painful menstrual period.

Talking about birth control, this medicine is very effective and easy to use as contraceptives. It will help also lessen your menstrual pain during menstrual period. It is not allowed to use Kariva for pregnant woman or recently have a baby.
There are some important information’s before taking this medication to avoid negative effects in your body. If you are using Kariva, avoid smoking as it can cause the risk of heart relate problem of side effects especially to women. The risk is even greater at age over 35. Do not use kariva if you had any allergic reaction to any oral contraceptives, and always consult to your physician for further instruction for more safety precaution and maximum effectiveness of this medication.

You are not also allowed to use kariva if you are migraine sufferer or having any form of brain problems, if you are breast cancer patients or any of your family having the same problem and any related reproductive cancers. And you have to avoid using it If you have any experienced of vaginal bleeding abnormality.
If you had any problem mentioned have, it is very important to follow what the Doctor prescribed and ask for the proper medication. Used Kariva if it is prescribe by your doctor or physicians, and always read the label instruction written at the first tablets.