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The Frozen Desert: Antarctica

Known to be the windiest, driest, highest  and  coldest place on the Planet and that is Antarctica. It is a continent twice as the mass of Australia, though most of it is buried under 15,000 ft. of solid Ice. It is also considered as the most inhospitable place that no land animal will be able to survive.
There's no other place such as Antarctica, it's here that where nature dish out most of its stunning panorama  in an almost odd fashion. Here the air is dry that one will surely lose perception , where the ocean connects with the vast bleak mountains and the  enormous glaciers.
Its icebergs are the size of a castle as it glistens in the gleaming sun as the ocean is magnificently rich in nutrients as it supports the abundance life of the sea. It is this same reason that Scientists, explorers,  nature lovers, photographers, and wanderers to this chilling and  untamed remote place and still does until now.
Anyone who sets foot in such a magnificent and vast barren continent is enriched with indescribable parody  has been undeniably overwhelmed and subservient.
Unlike with the Arctic, which is also covered bordered by ground.  Antarctica is a continent covered with hard stoned ice enclosed by vast water. A huge bulk of snow and ice,   this vast piece of land covers 1/10 of the earth's exterior. as well as contains 2/3 of the plante's fresh water. Antarctica is the most separated land and has always been considered as the last frontier and desertas well as the wilderness of ice on earth.
The best time to venture and exploring Antarctica is during the early days of February.  Such month is known to be the summertime on this frozen continent. It provides a thin window for exploration when its frozen sea has finally diminishes , it allows an easy access into the islands of Antarctic Peninsula as well as to its mainland.
Here you'll be able to gaze at Seals and penguins as they arrive in millions from months of venturing on the sea. Ready  to reproduce and care for their young ones on the bare rocky beaches on nearby barren Antarctic grounds, as they share the snow-free area and precipitous cliffs with large number of Sea birds which migrated in such a barren land to nest.
Among such magnanimous birds is the Albatross, as it wings span reaches over 12 feet soaring high finding a place to rest its weary wings.
The ocean on one hand provides an copious smorgasbord of krill and fish, as several kinds of species of whales swims gorge themselves before returning back to the warmer parts parts of the sea to breed and reproduce.
This is the most wonderful and magical time for Antarctica, where every living thing comes alive and join in one harmony, in this one hardened and frozen desert land of solid ice that is Antarctica.